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One situation that comes to mind would be when my aunt was dating again after ending a long-term relationship. This new boyfriend Jorge at first glance did not appear to take anything seriously. Every time I saw him, he was always making jokes, being playful, and was rarely serious. I don’t have anything against being playful or making jokes, but I could not tell how serious he was with my aunt. He kept up this behavior with everyone though which concerned me. I was hoping that he would act differently toward her, but that wasn’t the case for some time. In my eyes, I just thought he was more of a man child that couldn’t take life seriously and treated everything like a game. Which led to me thinking that this relationship might not last very long. Fast forward to four years later he asks for my aunt’s hand in marriage and now has two daughters. Watching them on their wedding day and becoming a father threw me for a loop. It was the first time that I saw him in a more serious light, but also playful with his children. It was a bit mind-boggling for a while to be honest, but it shifted the way I saw him.

In this situation, the primary effect would be his constant joking, playful mood, and whenever asked a serious question responding with jokes did not give me high hopes for their relationship. My aunt is a more serious individual and loves this man. I could not read Jorge very well which only added more to the uncertainty of how I viewed him. The fact that Jorge’s behavior did not change much only added more to the fact that my initial impression served to be accurate which added to the belief perseverance of him not taking himself seriously in this relationship (Aronson et al., 2019).


Describe the strategy you might use to persuade the resistant juror (i.e., the class colleague you are responding to) to set aside her or his preconceptions and consider what you have to say.

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