American Revolution


Question 1 – Supporting the Revolution: Imagine that you lived during the time of the American Revolutionary War and had the same socio/economic/racial/gender position you have right now. Would you support efforts to gain independence from Great Britain or would you be loyal to the crown? Be sure to explain why you choose the side that you do. Remember, forming a new republic is an extremely radical idea that had never succeeded before and that an American patriotic identity was just beginning to form. Also remember that obedience to the crown had been taught to colonists as the way to be good citizens. Finally, just like with the Seven Year’s War, support is not just signing up to fight but also supplying troops, providing information to one side or the other, etc.  Thus, the question is relevant for both men and women as the support of both groups is needed in war.

Question 2 – Revolutionary or Civil? Some scholars have portrayed the American Revolution as being as much a civil war as a revolutionary one.  What do you think?  Was the American Revolution a civil war with revolutionary principles or was it a revolutionary war that developed civil war aspects?  Be sure to fully explain your answer and to provide reasons for your answer.

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