Assessment On Evidenced Based Practice

A written assignment of 3500 word (excluding your reference list and any appendices). This will be a critical exploration of Evidence Based Practice and its key components within today’s healthcare arena. It will include the critical appraisal of a piece of evidence of relevance to the student’s practice. The work will utilise appropriate sources from the literature and workplace to meet programme requirements for academic level and referencing.

Students should choose one piece of research literature to critically appraise as part of the assignment. Your critique will need to evaluate the method and quality of the research using an appropriate appraisal tool, and the relevance and significance of the findings.

The piece of literature/evidence should be found using the search protocol developed as part of your formative assessment. The critique addresses part of the learning – outcome 2 and should be around 1500 words.

The rest of the assignment should discuss the development and policy context of Evidence Based Practice. This part of the assignment addresses outcomes 1 and 3.

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