DB #2


Discussion Assignment Instructions

DUE: by 11am Tuesday May 17, 2022. NO LATE WORK!


Survey research has become an important component of the public agency data analyst’s toolbox. Explain how survey research has been used to support and analyze policy decisions by Criminal Justice administrators.


You will post a thread presenting your scholarly response on the assigned topic, writing 750–850 words. For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least four (4) scholarly citations in APA format. The original thread must incorporate ideas and several scholarly citations from all of the Learn material for the assigned Week.


Then, you will post replies of 250–300 words (supported with at least two cites) each to 3 or more classmates’ threads. Each reply must incorporate at least two (2) scholarly citation(s) in APA format. The reply posts can integrate ideas and citations from the Learn material throughout the course. 

Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Integrate Biblical principles in your personal thread and in all replies to peers.

Cronk, Brian C. (2018).  How to use SPSS®: A step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation (11th ed.).  New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0367355692.

Meier, Kenneth J., Brudney, Jeffrey L., & Bohte, John (2015). Applied statistics for public and nonprofit administration (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781285737232.

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