This week’s material covers the key concepts around various digital mediums in how companies communicate with customers. Also, the correlation to ensure the content speaks to consumers to drive awareness and ultimately engagement with a website or mobile app was examined this week in the material.

For this discussion: 

Pick a retail company you get email marketing from regularly and identify 2 key traits of how they conduct their content in their email marketing. 

 What is it about demonstrating their content that you think is engaging to customers? 

What would be a recommendation you would offer the company of choice to improve the content in their email marketing?

Please share a screenshot of the example, but feel free to ensure your personal or any contact information is not displayed.  If you do not feel comfortable using an email blast you have received, feel free to find an example online to critique for this discussion.

. Discussions foster an ability to provide critical thought and showcase comprehension of course concepts. Professionalism and respect is expected in course discussions. Initial posts and each reply should be minimum 3 paragraphs, expanding knowledge, thoughts and forward thinking ideas. Depth is key along with credible references and insights. All posts should have at least one citation/reference.

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