Ethical Hacking White Paper Final Research Assignment

 Unlimited Attempts AllowedDetails

Write a white paper based on the SANS Case Study below.

Research and Write:

Adoption of the Critical Security Controls is a hot topic in today’s organizations. Review the case study and provide at least five recommendations (based on industry trends and recommendations) for this company, in addition to what the case study already covers in order to help mitigate instances of malware infection. 

Reflect on the past 8 weeks of what we’ve covered and additional outside research to make your case.  Feel free to make assumptions as needed as this is designed to measure your real-world applicability of the course content.

The final paper will run from 4 to 6 pages long, double spaced with appropriate citations. The paper is to be written in the APA format and will include a cover page and works cited page. The cover page and the references page do not count toward the minimum page requirement.

WhatWorks: Blocking Complex Malware Threats at Boston FinancialLinks to an external site.

Due Sunday 

A reminder about graduate-level learning: 

Graduate-level student learning will involve more of a focus on “diving in deeper” to the content. Expanding on the initial topic includes both written and oral presentation on the field of study experience, in combination with independent research and course content, will be essential elements of your graduate studies. 

To have an experience isn’t enough to establish learning – you need to intentionally and thoughtfully reflect upon the experience, considering what you learned from it in order to take something away from it!

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