Family Business

An individual written report (using Microsoft Word, e.g. doc) in which you must:

• identify and discuss the criteria1 [a minimum of 3] that academics and others2 use to assess the relative success3 (or health) of a family business.

• discuss and justify how well your family business, or one with which you are familiar, matches up to two [from the original selection of a minimum of 3] of these criteria.

In completing this research-based individual written assignment you will need to ensure that;

• the submission must be no more than 3000 words (excluding Table of Contents, Executive Summary, References, Appendices)

you demonstrate that you have researched this topic and can substantiate your conclusions through reference to identified sources. (The higher marks will be awarded to those who go into the greatest depth of research showing a depth and breadth of understanding of both theory and practical application.)

you demonstrate that you can be critically analytical in applying these criteria to your own family business or one with which you are familiar.

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