Psychological Aspects Of Aging

 Discussion, you review one of two case studies involving an older woman and apply a theory of successful aging to the case. 


· Review the Zastrow et al. chapter on psychological aspects of later adulthood, focusing on key life events and on theories of successful aging.

· Access the Social Work Case Studies media and explore the cases of Sara and of Francine.

· Select a theory of successful aging to apply to either Sara’s or Francine’s case.


· Identify whether you have chosen to analyze Sara’s or Francine’s case for the Discussion.

· Explain key life events that have influenced Sara’s or Francine’s psychological functioning. Be sure to substantiate what makes them key in your perspective.

· Explain how you as a social worker might apply a theory of successful aging to Sara’s or Francine’s case. Be sure to provide support for your strategy.

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