The Impact Of Side Effects On Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder Patients Adherence To Prescribed Medical Therapy

Using proper APA formatting, cite the peer-reviewed article you selected that pertains to your practice area and is of particular interest to you and identify the database that you used to search for the article. Explain any difficulties you experienced while searching for this article. Would this database be useful to your colleagues? Explain why or why not. Would you recommend this database? Explain why or why not. Article was retrieved from Goodloe scholar at via W university.

peer-reviewed article that pertains to your practice area and interests you in my case (The impact of side effects on schizophrenia and bipolar disorder patients’ adherence to prescribed medical therapy)

See peer review attachment  article.

Must have a breathe introduction and  Purpose statement

APA format

Intext citation 

References with in 5 years and plagiarism received 

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