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Carefully review the slides in pages 22 ~ 39 of W7(Period2), and do the followings in Radiant and create a report in a word document

 1. Visualization

◦Obtain scatter plots of Sales vs. Price, and Sales vs. Ads, and explain the relationship from your visual inspection of data

◦Obtain bar plots of Sales by Thanksgiving and Christmas, and explain and interpret the differences

 2. Effects of control variables

◦Regress Sales on Price, then interpret the coefficient

◦Regress Sales on Price, Thanksgiving, then explain how coefficient changes

◦Regress Sales on Price, Thanksgiving, Christmas then explain how coefficient changes

◦Repeat this for Ad Spend instead of Price

 3. Regression analysis

◦Regress Sales on Price, Ad Spend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

◦Interpret all four coefficients

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